A ‘Blouse’ is the first thought that comes to your mind while buying a sari. We’d like to introduce ourselves as the first thought that comes to your mind when you think of buying a blouse.


Presenting Ready-To-Wear Stretchable Ethnic Blouses by ADVI (अद्वि in Parsi vocabulary means the one that needs no protection) to make you flaunt your saris/sarees a bit more stylishly and of course, effortlessly. 

No more running around town after dressmakers. No more alterations. These RTW pieces, especially designed to pair with sarees stretch to fit your body shape perfectly sparing you a relaxed feeling all day long.

Head over to the ‘blog‘ to read about the fashionably traditional chronicles in ADVI. Have a look at all of our collection in the ‘stories’, from everyday-wear basics to mix-n-match prints, from shimmering metallics to fascinating designs.





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