| क्रिया |

[ Noun. Work. Action. Verb. Deed. Procedure. Functioning. Process. Activity. ]

That’s what you do. And while you are at it, you’ve got things, people and emotions in company to keep it all going. It’s a beautiful life, full of drama, dust and dawn where, you could be anybody as you grow. You could do so many things, love so many people, walk over so many tectonic plates. You cannot escape this verb while you are alive.

Through KRIYA, we explore the many avatars of a modern Indian woman through a colour series of prêt saree blouses from Advi’s core range of everyday wear. All seven colours resemble seven different characters performing each kriya that a woman embraces at different stages of her life.

1. The Dreamer | Color : Green

There is magic happening inside her head. An explosion of colours, emotions and madness that is chaotic but still beautiful. Imagination is her weapon to live.

Here portrayed in a Green Dobby Blouse, a symbol of evolution and growth. Just like the jungle.

Kriya : The Dreamer | Color : Green | Photo : Sourav Sinha

2. The Royal | Color : Blue

Some say it’s the blood, some say it’s the legacy. While she waits for everyone to believe it’s actually her integrity.

Here portrayed in a Royal Blue Dobby Blouse, a symbol of elegance and superiority.

Kriya : The Royal | Color : Blue | Photo : Sourav Sinha

3. The Lover | Color : Rani

In sweetness and in swag, a gamble of acceptance, a love so intense it diminishes the size of this world.

Here portrayed in a hot Pink Dobby Blouse, an array of enchantment, love and of course, roses.

Kriya : The Lover | Color : Rani | Photo : Sourav Sinha

4. The Keeper | Color : Yellow

That side of love which isn’t written by poets and novelists. It’s the very nature each woman is bestowed with. Unglamorous-ly pure and selfless.

Here portrayed in a Yellow Dobby Blouse, an intensive, energetic and selfless shine that it spreads. 

Kriya : The Keeper | Color : Yellow | Photo: Suyash Vij

5. The Ruler | Color : Black

She burned with confidence as she stepped ahead. There was no regret but all sweat. There. She goes…

Here portrayed in a Black Dobby Blouse, a symbol of power and all things absolute.

Kriya : The Ruler | Color : Black | Photo : Sourav Sinha