We are glad to officially announce the launch of ‘AdviReady-to-wear saree blouses for the modern Indian woman‘ to the online community. Yay!

The first of its kind, an ethnic pret label, that doesn’t suggest you to wear a crop top with a saree (high-five on this). Instead, we are here to offer you a plethora of designs in a variety of fabrics and colors to choose from, all available in different sizes. There are everyday-wear basics and everyday-wear casuals with hints of laces and other design elements. There are pieces that you’ld gladly wear to work which will allow you to look confident & comfortable at the same time and then there are wedding-suited shimmering designer pieces that could give flashes to the limelight.

The best part? Advi makes ethnic fashion not just accessible but affordable as well. With an ideology of keeping the art of wearing a saree alive and be able to carry it to future generations, Advi saree blouses, besides the ease of coordinating with your sarees, is also reasonable priced to push you to wear your sarees more often!

So what are you waiting for? Go shop our collection live on Flipkart. Look for some saree-style inspiration on the blog and check out our detailed collection here. Let’s know each other socially on Instagram & Facebook.

More power to all the women out there!

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